Vanessa – shoot 3

Vanessa looks great with her tight, hot body and smoking tits.
Watch her up close while she gets fucked by the Sybian.
After her orgasm she curls up in bed, pretty much speechless.

Natalie – shoot 1

Six years in the business and friends with Silvia Saint, but she has never tried the Sybian before. Natalie starts with pants on but soon notices that the vibrations don’t reach the right spots.
So, she gets rid of her pants and ride the Sybian to orgasm.

Valentine – extreme orgasms

Valentine is taking it easy as she relaxes in the swimming pool. She loves sex and can’t wait to sit on the Sybian machine. She has some huge orgasms and her body is totally spent afterwards, in one of the most intense Sybian videos we have ever seen.

Fifi on the Sybian

Fifi sits on the Sybian, still wearing her miniskirt and top. The Sybian will not slow down for her. The vibrations are turned up higher and higher until Fifi explodes with pleasure.

Valentine – a day at the office

This beauty has no idea that she is sitting on a special chair with a big vibrator underneath it. When she enters the office for a job application we hire her straight away. We ask her to start filing but she has some difficulty with carrying out her task 🙂