Lana shoot 2

Lana also likes it big and deep. The faster the vibrations are, the better she feels.
She resists the urge to orgasm for as long as she can until she has no choice but to cum.
She won’t be craving cock for a while.

Laetitia shoot 4

The Sybian gets fucked pretty hard by Laetitia. Her young hips move up and down at lightning speed, while she is moaning and craving for more.

Allison – shoot 3

Allison starts off slow while we crank the machine up until she orgasms.

Sandra Sanchez loves the Sybian

Some girls, like Sandra, can’t get the intense sensation of the Sybian out of their head. Sandra even called us for another shoot, because she was missing the incredible pleasure that the Sybian gave her. In this video she returns to the studio to experience it all over again.

Monika shoot 1

The beautiful Italian babe Monika fucks like a professional!
She pumps her ass up and down, ’til she reaches orgasm.
With a body like that you won ‘t be able to take your eyes off her as she cums.