Erin – shoot 1

Erin massages her huge tits while riding the Sybian.

Christina – shoot 3

Christina gets naked and completely covers her tits with oil. She challenges us to put the Sybian vibration up to full speed but she can’t last and orgasms twice before we even get there.

Nikita – shoot 4

Nikita came to orgasm very quickly, so we made a deal with her.
We gave Nikita 10 questions and for every correct answer, we moved on to the next question.
But for every wrong answer she gave, we put the Sybian on at full speed.
If she passes the test, she gets 100 dollars. But if she orgasms, she gets nothing.

Mandy Slim – shoot 1

A great shoot with the beautiful Mandy Slim. This is the first time that her pussy is experiencing vibrations at 3600 rpm. Her pulsating pussy is clearly visible when she has orgasm after orgasm.

Alyssia shoot 3

Alyssia shows you loads of yummy ass in her tight skirt. She’s got a pair of very firm round full breasts, and a very sexy butt.  Check out her hot body as she poses and rides the Sybian to a major orgasm.