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Connie Carter and Monalee

This is as hot as it gets. Two of the most beautiful adult models bring each other to orgasm in this very hot Sybian shoot. Monalee and Connie take turns on the Sybian while controlling each other ‘s vibrations. They really turn up the heat, speeding up the vibrations more and more till both of them end up with a massive orgasm.

Monalee – reading on the sybian

Another day at the office, this time with Monalee. It’s fun and sexy to see how the girls struggle with their lines while their pussies are stimulated as they try to read their book.
Now it’s time for Monalee to read. She inserts the g-spot attachment into her pussy, to make it even harder to concentrate. We must say that she holds on for quite some time, but there’s no girl that can withstand the Sybian at max speed, with max rotation. Eventually she screams out with pleasure and has a massive orgasm.

Monalee – Italian sensuality

Set her loose on the Sybian and just watch the sparks fly. This shoot reminds us of the one with Connie Carter on the bar. Both Connie and Monalee are gorgeous and have the most beautiful breasts we have ever seen. And yes, Monalee orgasms too! It doesn’t get any sexier than this.

MonaLee – extreme orgasms

Monalee tries the world’s strongest vibrator on its maximum speed of 6200rpm. There are no slow moments as she gets right down on it and fucks the Sybian like a pro. You’ll see her pink pussy getting even pinker with every minute that passes, until her whole body collapses at the moment of climax.

Monalee – bathing with a dildo

Monalee retreats to her luxury villa for some erotic relaxation. She undresses herself and takes a bath while using the shower to stimulate her clit. After a nice orgasm she returns to her bedroom to continue with her erotic feelings. With the help of her magic wand vibrator the erotic relaxation is complete.