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Caprice – new ways to orgasm

Caprice rests in the bathtub while her hands enjoy the shape of perfect, wet body.
How lovely it would be if Caprice were to reach orgasm in the bathtub.
She is turned on, she’s feeling the twinge of anticipation in her clit and she takes out the hand shower. She’s waiting for her orgasm as the nice warm water flows over her beautiful pussy. Back home, we realize she doesn t have any panties on and she masturbates with the magic wand to achieve a nice natural orgasm.
Finally it’s time for the Sybian. Yes, the Sybian, the whole reason Caprice returned to us in the first place. She refers to the Sybian as ‘the vibrator from heaven’ and can’t wait to experience that feeling of a super strong orgasm again.

Caprice and her sybian orgasm

The two most beautiful girls are brought together to experience the super-fast Sybian vibrations for the first time in their lives. While Caprice goes for a swim, unaware of Ines’ crush on her, Ines creates her own dream world where they make out with each other. The Sybian orgasm machine is brought onto the scene and Ines does a great job with making Caprice feel horny. Eventually Caprice’s young pussy is brought to an unforgettable orgasm.

Little Caprice and Ines – shoot 2

Caprice and Ines are sexy wherever they are and being naked by the pool really brings out their beauty. This is also the reason why we made sure that everything was captured during this moment. With the help of Ines and the very fast vibrations of the Sybian, we brought Caprice to the most intensive orgasm of her career. We are glad that we have captured it on film, so that now this is one of those moments that can be watched over and over again.