Bayen – yoga & masturbation

Bayen takes good care of her body and is practising her yoga skills in this video. She also tries our magic wand vibrator but an orgasm seems too far away from happening. That’s why we bring in the Sybian.

Christel – feeling horny

When Christel was trying the Sybian for the very first time. she was a bit nervous at first so we took her out for a walk.
She also played with the bird in our studio, before the Sybian action starts.
And yes, there was action… lots of action. Her pussy felt absolutely in love with the stimulation of the Sybian. Orgasms guaranteed!

Vina Leonora – 1 sybian, 4 orgasms

Italian beauty Vina Leonora is showing her beautiful breasts through her tight black dress. She cums hard and doesn’t stop after her first orgasm. We managed to get 3 orgasms out of her before we gave the controls to her. She then uses the controls herself to orgasm one final time – 1 Sybian 4 orgasms

Suzie Carina – no escape

Beautiful Suzie Carina returned to our studio yesterday feeling very excited to sit on the Sybian again. It’s hard to believe that she’s still single. With such a beautiful face guys should be standing in line for her. She told us that it’s been a while since she had sex and that she might jump off the Sybian because of her very sensitive pussy. Of course we knew exactly what to do with her. We tied her up to make sure that she isn’t going anywhere soon!

Vina Leonora feels the vibrations

Vina Leonora gets the full treatment. We counted her orgasms as we rubbed the magic wand against her young 18 year old pussy. With that age, girls are often new to toys and the results of the sensational stimulation are amazing.