Iveta – shoot 1

Iveta started acting and faking her moans of pleasure.
The shoot director noticed that she was faking and blindfolded her eyes – leaving her with her first real orgasm on camera.

Nikita – shoot 3

The young and beautiful girl in this shoot has never had sex before because of her religion and has only just turned 18!
Our editor asked her if she would be interested in trying the Sybian, with only one crew member filming it.
A virgin body craving sexual pleasure, she becomes the horniest girl you will ever see. The Sybian pushes Nikita’s brain and pussy to the absolute max – resulting in 12 orgasms in 35 minutes. You definitely have to see this shoot.

Iveta – shoot 3

Not all girls feel comfortable being filmed. Iveta had never tried the Sybian before. She was nervous and because of that, she started acting again and faking her moans of pleasure from the beginning to the end of this shoot.

Mandy & Samantha – two lesbian beauties

The beautiful Samantha controls the Sybian while Mandy takes on the vibrations. Mandy rides the Sybian for one hour and has so many orgasms, that we stopped counting them.

Nikita – shoot 2

Nikita is a petite young girl with very nice tits who turns out to be a sex goddess as she cums in ways she never knew she could.