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Denisa Heaven shoot 3

This was our opportunity to add a bit more rotation. Heaven pops right back on the Sybian and screams out with pleasure as she rides with an even bigger insert inside of her.

Denisa Heaven – shoot 2

Heaven gives the Sybian two thumbs up. She told us that she’s never had more than a few good orgasms in her life but we really made her day. She starts off with a nice, gentle vibrating clitoral massage but soon we show her our true Sybian control skills. She forgets everything around her and screams her way to orgasm.

Denisa Heaven shoot 4

Heaven is a small girl with a tight pussy but she has no problem fitting our biggest insert, a 6 inch long dick, inside of her pussy. Using high speed vibrations combined with rotation we bring her to out-of-this-world orgasms.

Denisa Heaven – shoot 1

Heaven told us that she finds it really hard to cum when the cameras on her. Well, that’s until she takes her first ride on the Sybian; she definitely forgets all about our camera and cameraman and is in her own little world as she gets fucked by the Sybian. ‘How can a vibrator accomplish this?’ She asks us at the end of the shoot. We tell her that the Sybian can do much, much more…