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Silvie – sexy in every way

Silvie heard great reviews from her model friends who have also tried the Sybian in our studio. She called us and asked if she could try the Sybian. We were surprised when she told us that her boyfriend broke up with her two weeks ago and that she hasn’t had sex for some time now. The time has finally come for Silvie to sit on the orgasm machine for the first time in her life. She’s ready for it and already feels the excitement moving through her pussy. When we start the vibrations, it doesn’t take long before she feels incredibly horny and moans and screams with pleasure. We play with the vibrations, to extend her orgasm for as long as possible, until her body can’t hold it in anymore. A must-see!

Sylvie de Luxe on the sybian

We just can’t get enough of the beautiful Silvie’s sexy voice. And no other girl can look as horny as Silvie does. She will blow you away when she sits on the Sybian.

Silvie DeLuxe – deep inside

Silvie starts in the bathroom, fucking herself with a small but life-like dildo. Watch her pretty butt and upturned nipples bounce up and down while she’s riding the dildo to a nice orgasm. After she’s dried herself off she walks towards the bedroom, where she penetrates herself with a bigger, ribbed dildo. With a mirror view of the dildo entering her, she brings herself to an extreme toe curling orgasm.

Silvie DeLuxe is all alone

Silvie takes off her clothes and starts to play with herself. Her soft hands glide down over her beautiful body as her pussy becomes pink and wet. As she gets more and more excited, she takes out the magic wand vibrator and starts rubbing it up and down across her clit. You can see the juices dripping out of her. Finally, she turns up the speed and finishes off with an incredible orgasm.