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Siham – shoot 1

Siham is a beautiful 19 year old Egyptian girl with a very sensitive clit; so sensitive that we couldn’t turn the Sybian speed to high. We are used to sensitive girls so we knew just how to use the vibrations on Siham’s clit. We played with her for 7 minutes ’til she was warmed up and ready for more.

Siham shoot 2

It’s time to let Siham experience the Sybian at higher speeds. She becomes very horny as she’s totally exposed to the Sybian vibrations.


We let Siham choose the insert that she likes the most. She tells us to turn the Sybian higher and higher because she wants to cum. We don’t want to let her orgasm too soon, so we play around a bit with the speed and rotation. Eventually her pussy can’t handle the vibrations anymore and Siham orgasms twice. Watch Siham have the best fuck of her life!