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Nicole – standing orgasm

After Nicole tried the Sybian for the first time in her life, we asked her if she wanted to try the Hitachi for the first time in her life. She was a bit sceptical at first because she told us that she never had an orgasm while standing up. We convinced her to give it a try. The result? Watch for yourself.

Nicole – 3 orgasms while eating

It’s always fun and sexy to watch a girl perform a task while being vibrated to orgasm by the sybian. Nicole tries to eat some fruit but she has a hard time doing so. The orgasms keep on coming and the fruit? Yes, it was still on her plate.

Nicole – her first sybian experience

Nicole tries the Sybian and rides it for 25 minutes until she orgasms. The vibrations towards her clit are feeling fantastic and the Sybian did its job again.