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Natalia Forrest talks you into orgasm

Nurse Natalia talks you into orgasm with her sexy voice. She’s sitting on the Sybian for the first time ever and is telling you what she’s feeling though the entire shoot. There’s one rule: don’t climax before she does.

Natalia Forrest – a perfect satisfaction

Natalia goes crazy on the Sybian. She orgasms so hard that she feels dizzy afterwards. Her legs are shaking and she can’t even stand up straight.

Natalia Forrest and the hitachi

This is a great update! You’ll love the action and the reactions of Natalia’s body while her pussy is being vibrated to orgasm by the Hitachi.

Natalia Forrest – a big Sybian orgasm

Beautiful Natalia is tied up and her clit is pressed firmly on the sybian attachment. There’s no escape and soon her whole body starts to shake. Orgasms guaranteed!

Natalia Forrest – apartment

Beautiful Natalia is addicted to the Sybian. She shows you her apartments decoration and placed the Sybian on the table. She couldn’t wait to jump on it with her panties still on and starts the vibration right away. She shows you her beautiful long legs and after a short while the orgasms flow out of her.