Vanda shoot 4

Vibration in combination with rotation takes her over the edge and makes her cum so hard, she can barely stand up.

Valentine – hot like fire

This is the first time we introduce Valentine to the Sybian. She starts with a big smile on her face and finishes completely worn out, trembling and covered in sweat.

Denisa Heaven – shoot 1

Heaven told us that she finds it really hard to cum when the cameras on her. Well, that’s until she takes her first ride on the Sybian; she definitely forgets all about our camera and cameraman and is in her own little world as she gets fucked by the Sybian. ‘How can a vibrator accomplish this?’ She asks us at the end of the shoot. We tell her that the Sybian can do much, much more…

Susan – first time

At the beginning of the shoot Susan jumps off the Sybian and almost falls to the floor. She says that it was an orgasm that came out of nowhere. We immediately put her back on the machine and let her ride it three more times in one video.


Introducing another great beauty, Nisha. She has just started her career as a model and has never even seen or used a magic wand before. Watch her here, naked for the cameras for the first time.
She lets her perfect upturned nipples slide out of her cotton blouse and starts playing with the magic wand. And yes, the moment we have all been waiting for finally arrives: Nisha orgasms on the Sybian.