Monthly archives: October, 2017

Pantera – shoot 4

This is our final shoot with Pantera. We turn the Sybian vibrations almost to the top speed to let Pantera feel the maximum stimulation. And then we add some rotation. After a bit, we turn the Sybian vibrations up to an even higher level and give her orgasm after orgasm.

MonaLee – extreme orgasms

Monalee tries the world’s strongest vibrator on its maximum speed of 6200rpm. There are no slow moments as she gets right down on it and fucks the Sybian like a pro. You’ll see her pink pussy getting even pinker with every minute that passes, until her whole body collapses at the moment of climax.

Silvie DeLuxe is all alone

Silvie takes off her clothes and starts to play with herself. Her soft hands glide down over her beautiful body as her pussy becomes pink and wet. As she gets more and more excited, she takes out the magic wand vibrator and starts rubbing it up and down across her clit. You can see the juices dripping out of her. Finally, she turns up the speed and finishes off with an incredible orgasm.

Audrey – her first time

Audrey just turned 18 and has never been in an erotic video before. She told us that she wanted her first erotic video to be as soft as possible without any guys in it. So we let her use the magic wand first (magic wand update is already online). After her first orgasm on camera, we convinced her to try the Sybian and she agreed. What happens afterwards is a gift from heaven. She is clearly not used to vibrations as her whole body shakes every minute, even at low vibration speed. We couldn’t imagine that she would turn up the vibrations higher and higher. It was a great experience for us and for Audrey.

Monalee – bathing with a dildo

Monalee retreats to her luxury villa for some erotic relaxation. She undresses herself and takes a bath while using the shower to stimulate her clit. After a nice orgasm she returns to her bedroom to continue with her erotic feelings. With the help of her magic wand vibrator the erotic relaxation is complete.