Monthly archives: October, 2016

Samantha rides the sybian

In this nice long shoot, Samantha rides the Sybian to orgasm. The orgasmic contraptions are clearly visible while she rides the Sybian at full speed. She is feeling hornier and hornier till her pussy tightens up and she orgasms. The cameraman covers up her eyes while our Sybian expert controls the Sybian perfectly. Samantha left our studio with a big smile on her face and a red and swollen pussy.

Siham shoot 2

It’s time to let Siham experience the Sybian at higher speeds. She becomes very horny as she’s totally exposed to the Sybian vibrations.

Natalie shoot 2

Jasmine shoot 3

Jasmine likes the Sybian so much that she tries all our inserts at full speed. In this shoot we wanted to add some rotation but she comes so fast that we didn’t even have time! Watch how her eyes become bigger as she loses control and the orgasm starts to take her over.

Pantera shoot 3

We told Pantera that the Sybian can also stimulate her G-spot. We changed the Sybian insert to a bigger and longer one so that she could feel the vibrations right inside her. Her reaction? See for yourself.