Caprice – new ways to orgasm

Caprice rests in the bathtub while her hands enjoy the shape of perfect, wet body.
How lovely it would be if Caprice were to reach orgasm in the bathtub.
She is turned on, she’s feeling the twinge of anticipation in her clit and she takes out the hand shower. She’s waiting for her orgasm as the nice warm water flows over her beautiful pussy. Back home, we realize she doesn t have any panties on and she masturbates with the magic wand to achieve a nice natural orgasm.
Finally it’s time for the Sybian. Yes, the Sybian, the whole reason Caprice returned to us in the first place. She refers to the Sybian as ‘the vibrator from heaven’ and can’t wait to experience that feeling of a super strong orgasm again.

Vanda shoot 1

Vanda is totally new to machine fucking. She is scared at first but when she gets going, she totally loses control. Vanda really likes to move her hips when she’s fucking the Sybian up and down against her g-spot.

Lusie – a great time

Lusie is a bad and very horny girl. She doesn’t get off the Sybian to rest, but just keeps on going to show us that there is no other girl that can keep up with her.

Lana – shoot 1

Wow Lana! Lana has a great personality and on top of that she looks great at 34 years old. We show her a new way to rub her clit to orgasm with the fast vibrations of the Sybian.

Siham – shoot 1

Siham is a beautiful 19 year old Egyptian girl with a very sensitive clit; so sensitive that we couldn’t turn the Sybian speed to high. We are used to sensitive girls so we knew just how to use the vibrations on Siham’s clit. We played with her for 7 minutes ’til she was warmed up and ready for more.